Drone Makers in Shenzhen to Expand Territories Around the World

Drone Makers in Shenzhen to Expand Territories Around the WorldThere are more than 300 Shenzhen based drone makers are now expanding their territories around the world and is making Shenzhen the hub of the civilian unmanned aerial vehicle. The city is becoming the distribution hub of the drone industry, with 70 percent of the world’s civilian drone market share is captured by the city and 300 domestic manufacturers are working in this sector which generates more than 20 billion yuan in sales.

90 percent of the world’s drone products, especially unmanned aerial products that are produced for civilian consumers are being manufactured in Shenzhen then is shipped around the world. Last year the number of domestic enterprises that are associated with the manufacturing and research and development of civilian drones have surpassed 400, and one out of four making drones are being used for farming and agriculture. Statistics coming from the Ministry of Agriculture in China said that the occurrence area of crop diseases and pests has reached 5.5 billion and one third of farmland are able to utilize drones in approaching pest control services.

To add to the endurance and loading capabilities needed to be improved, bottlenecks of domestic agriculture drone development are coming from a immature market acceptance and business operating models. During the exhibition titled the 5th Shenzhen International Intelligent Transportation System and Location based Services Expo will be focusing on the UAV industry was held in the city from June 17 to 19. Around 110 manufacturers came and displayed 230 of the latest drones, ranging from fixed wing drones, airships and multi propeller drones.

By 2025, unmanned drones will be used largely for aerial photography, forest protection, farm chemical spraying and security as the civilian drone market will grow by 50 percent with a value as high as 75 billion yuan.

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