Joint Ceremony Held in Taiwan to Commemorate Legendary Chinese Hero

Joint Ceremony Held in Taiwan to Commemorate Legendary Chinese HeroA grand ceremony was held in Taipei in commemoration of legendary hero Fuxi, who pioneering the use of ropes in making nets that were used in hunting and fishing. A similar annual event was also held in Tianshui in Gansu the place where Fuxi was born. This will be the third time since 2014 that compatriots in the Taiwan Straits have jointly commemorated the legendary character.

A drum beat with three tolls of a bell, several participants gave offerings and bowed down in front of an icon the resembled Fuxi in a hall in downtown Taipei. Also a visiting delegation coming from Gansu attended the event. During the ritual, a eulogy was read which praised the great contributions that were made by Fuxi to the Chinese culture. Wished for common development and prosperity across the Taiwan Straits ware expressed and a dance was performed during the end of the event which showcased the feats of Fuxi. According to the event organizer, it was significant for both sides of the Taiwan Straits in commemorating Fuxi as much of the culture and religious traditions in Taiwan have their roots on the mainland.

Fuxi is the one of their common ancestor and by jointly ommemorating him promotes cultural exchange and strengthen the sense of national identity. Based on old records Fuxi created the Bagua, a set of divination symbols, invented writing and gave advise to people and taught them how to fish with nets. Tianshui is recorded as the birthplace of Fuxi and many can find Fuxi related relics and symbols along with historical sites around the city.

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