Tencent to Open Up Big Data Platform Based on Cloud Technology

Tencent to Open Up Big Data Platform Based on Cloud TechnologyTencent Holdings announced it intentions to fully open up its big data platform and machine learning technology as part of their efforts to build a sharing economy that is based on cloud services. Enterprises are able to use the set of big data analysis tools that is developed by Tencent and will help them to gain a better understanding of the clients and to further improve services and products.

The Shenzhen based internet giant owns the instant messaging tools QQ and WeChat and have years of experience under their belt in storing and analyzing huge amounts of data. The opening of the core technologies is part of the company’s efforts in devloping cloud services, an area that other companies including Alibaba and Baidu that are tapping in. by developing a shared economy that is related to cloud services such as transportation, accommodation and other areas, cloud services are a kind of sharing economy. Cloud computing became a part of the key areas that Tencent is focusing on and is dedicating the opening of their IT resources and technological capabilities to outsiders.

Before, enterprises are the only users of internet technology, today they engage themselves in cloud services and is becoming a part of the internet ecosystem. Cloud technology achieved a greater importance in the past years as more Chinese enterprises are integrating them selves deeper in the internet. But still remains a difficult for companies such as small ones in building their own data center since it involves large capital investment and waste of resources. Cloud services are helping enterprises gain access to more resources and reduce operating costs.

A Internet Trends Report for 2016 showed that services provided by Tencent are commonly used by Chinese internet users and more than 50 percent of their time is spent on the internet using Tencent services.

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