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Shekou Ferry Terminal

Shekou Ferry Terminal

Arrive at Shekou Ferry terminal by bus, taxi or foot and enter the main building. For tickets to Hong Kong Airport, Central, Kowloon and Macau, head to the counter all the way to the left of the building towards the left of the staircase. Hong Kong Central, Kowloon, Macau Purchase your ticket (between 100-200RMB depending [...]

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Luohu Taxi Terminal

Luohu Taxi Terminal

Luohu Taxi Stand is very busy. When you arrive, there will be at least 100 people queued (a term we can use very casually). This taxi stand will only have red taxi and yellow taxis, but you can go anywhere from here. When you arrive, go to the end of the stand. Getting a taxi [...]

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Public Toilets (and Toilets in general)

Public Toilets

One aspect of your new lifestyle, or adjustment, in Shenzhen and hence China as a whole, is Bathroom Facilities. If you have not ventured from your hotel room or a 5 star venue, then you are probably thinking, “What the hell is this guy talking about?” However,  if you do live in the real world, [...]

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How To Deal With Bad Taxi Service

taxi service

Generally, in Shenzhen, the taxi services are not up to par with the international standard we have come to expect back home. However, in saying this, it does not mean the government has give a green light to drivers to be ignorant, rude, racist or just plain unsafe. If you ever experience a bad situation [...]

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Shenzhen Zoo

Shenzhen Zoo

Shenzhen Zoo is located in Xili University District, Nanshan. From Futian, it is about a 25 minute taxi ride and will cost you around 40rmb to get there. Once you arrive, you will walk down the main drive entrance. On the left is the ticket booth. Tickets are 130 RMB for anyone over 120cm (in [...]

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How Do I Get My Cable TV Connected

CCTV cable in Shenzhen

Topway is the only cable provider within Shenzhen. All TV channels run through Topway, with basic plans starting at 28rmb a month. This will give you 2 English channels and all the CCTV and Shenzhen TV channels. As a foreigner, this is provides a rather boring and very limited selection of English programs. But this [...]

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How Do I Get My Internet Connected

Satelite Dishes

In Shenzhen, there are only 2 internet providers: China Telecom and Topway. China Telecom is an ADSL provider while Topway is a cable provider (Yes, the same Topway as your cable TV). China Telecom’s ADSL offering originally focused solely on commercial solutions. Topway and China Telecom now now serve both commercial and private customers. Both [...]

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Xiang Mi Hu Go Karts

Xiang Mi Hu Go Karts

Hongli Xi Lu Next to the big rollercoaster Downtown Futian, Hot air, Humidty, The smell of Gas, Roaring Engines and Sweety Bodies. This is the extreme life of Go Karting in Shenzhen! The only downtown Go kart track in Shenzhen is located in Xiang Mi Hu. It is next to the Xiang Mi Hu Theme [...]

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Shenzhen’s New Tourism Number

Recently, I discovered that finally Shenzhen has realised that sometimes non-Chinese speaking guests and residents also need to find out where the local quickie mart is located. I was introduced by a friend to the new “Tourism Hotline” that Shenzhen is offering. The number is “1258033″. Despite what other clowns have said about the line [...]

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Shenzhen Buses

Shenzhen Buses

Bus No.113   Shekou Passenger Terminal—Liantang Shekou Passenger Terminal-Gongye Erlu Rd.-Gongye Wulu Rd.-TCL-Lianhe Hospital-Dongbin Gas Station-Nanyou-Xinnengyuan-HaiyaDepartment Store-Guimiaoxincun-Shenzhen University-Shenda (Shenzhen University) Crossing-Sci-Tech Park-Dachong-Baishizhou-Window of the World-Jinxiuzhonghua-Shahekou-Hongshulin-Zhuzilin-Shennan Market-Agricultural Science Center-Water Park-Honey Lake-Tequ Newspaper Office-Investment Building-Gaojiaohuiguan-Gangxia-Shanghai Hotel-Xinghua Hotel-Municipal Government-Caiwuwei-Menzhenbu-Dongmen-Dongmen Middle-Liuyibu-Cuizhuyuan-Yijing Garden-Yijing Middle School-Luofang Crossing-Xilingxia-Fire Squadron-Guowei Rd. West-Polytechnic School-Guowei Rd.-Industrial Zone-Panshan Park-Liantang Bus No.K113   Shekou Passenger Terminal—Liantang Shekou Passenger Terminal Shekou Passenger [...]

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