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British architect designs tallest building in Shenzhen

British architect designs tallest building in Shenzhen

British architecture will reach a new high with its record breaking 441 meter tower located in south China’s finance capital. The 100 story Kingkey Finance Tower is based in Shenzhen and a part of a 417,000 square meter office including retail entertainment, apartments and hotel complex. The 1,440 feet tower will be ranked as the [...]

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How does UFC in Shenzhen help for Charity


SCOTT:          Each month at the UFC event at Xpats you charge 30¥ admission which you donate to Kiva. What or who is Kiva? IAN JONES:   Kiva is an international microfinancing system that takes and aggregates small, charitable donations and provides loans to individuals and groups around the world. Typically our donation will be $US25 [...]

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2011 V8 Supercar series


With the Australian V8 Supercar 2011 series starting this weekend, I thought I would put up a quick review about the series in general. Firstly for those in the know or don’t, Bahrain is off the 2011 calendar, and in return, it has return another race back to Australia, Perth will once again hit the [...]

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Awfully Chocolate


“Our new concept store now in your neighborhood” On my visit to Jusco last night in Coco park, i was overwhelmed with the smell of fresh chocolate and baking. Well at first i thought it was the bakery next to Jusco, but then i saw “GOD”…. A cool looking white shop, stocked with chocolates, muffins [...]

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The Kitchen Futian Valentines Day menu

The Kitchen Futian Valentines Day menu

The Kitchen – Futian Valentines Day French Onion OR  Mushroom soup Crab & Avocado Tian  OR  Prawn Salad Tournedos Rossini   OR  Pan seared Salmon Steak Tiramisu  OR   Crepe Suzette for two ¥238 per person* * plus 10% service tax Reservations essential Call Shirley on 1382-5215-783

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Courier Companies in Shenzhen


Please see this basic list of courier companies in Shenzhen. Please remember that most of these companies operate in only chinese, so please make sure you have a friend who can call them. Please also note, these are not the only office, rather they are the major offices that most people should be able to [...]

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Car Rental in Shenzhen


Below is a list of  a few Rental Agencies that have been recommended to me. Please feel free to add any feedback for these or other companies you have used and I will upload the info. Shenzhen Pengchuan Car Rental Co., Ltd. 深圳市鹏川汽车租赁有限公司 Shenzhen pengchuan offers Standard vehicles, Luxury Vehicles and Mini buses and large [...]

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China plans to merge nine cities to create a mega city

China plans to merge nine cities to create a mega city

Planners in South China laid an ambitious plan to merge the nine cities in the vicinity of the Pearl River Delta. By merging the nine cities China will create the world’s biggest mega city, creating a metropolis with a population of 42 million people. The mega city will cover part of China’s manufacturing land and [...]

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The Kitchen Futian

The Kitchen Futian serves up a mix of international cuisines. Great atmosphere for a quiet date or a big party. great food selection and great wine selection.

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Tequila Coyotes Cantina Futian OPENS


Yesterday after visiting McCawley’s, I was invited over to Coyotes to check out the new place. I must say I was very impressed. Had a chat with the managers and Pete and was encouraged to try a frozen margarita. They have so many flavors to choose from. I ended up try a mango and also a Coco [...]

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  3. Daniel: For the 90 yuan per CBM in Nanshan, can you tell me which company it is and how to contact them?
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