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China’s Criminal Law Tackles Bribery of Foreign Officials

China’s Criminal Law Tackles Bribery of Foreign Officials

Billion-dollar investments by Chinese companies into developing countries within Asia, Africa and South America have made international headlines in recent years. However, with the growing overseas presence of Chinese firms, a new corporate management issue has been brought to the attention of the Chinese government concerning the bribery of foreign officials by Chinese companies. In [...]

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First Foreigner Detained for Drunk Driving

More people detained for drunk driving

Jawaid Kamil was the first foreigner caught and charged for drunk driving in Shenzhen. Kamil was caught at the intersection of Shennan Boulevard and Renmin Road South. In a test done by the traffic police showed that his blood alcohol level reached 125.2 ml/100ml. In a different incident, four people were detained for ten days [...]

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Stolen Relics from the Palace Museum Recovered by Police

Stolen relics from the Palace Museum recovered by police

The Beijing police are offering rewards to anyone who can provide them with any information or tips on the relics that were stolen from the Palace Museum last May 8. So far the police were able to recover 6 of the stolen relics. The six stolen relics are already returned to the museum, but three [...]

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Police Arrest Suspects Connected in Making Fake Liquor

Police arrested suspects connected in making fake liquor

Beijing police detained 11 suspects  connected in distribution of fake foreign liquor to bars and nightclubs, with more than 10,000 bottles confiscated. Among the liquor confiscated were bottles of whiskey, such as Chivas, Johnnie Walker and Jack Daniel’s in raids in six different manufacturing areas in Beijing. The fake liquor makers supposedly bottle cheap liquor [...]

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Drunk driving cases to be dealt quickly by prosecutors

Drunk driving cases to be dealt quickly by prosecutors

The Shenzhen police, prosecutors, will establish a joint mechanism and judges that will ensure that drunk drivers will be properly charged for any offenses they have incur. The announcement was made yesterday after drivers were detained in just a week after the new law was released. Since May 1, 14 drunk drivers were apprehended and [...]

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New Law Makes Drunk Driving a Criminal Offense

New law makes drunk driving into a criminal offense

Five drivers were detained and will be facing jail terms of up to six months, after the Road Traffic Safety Law made an amendment that made drunk driving into a criminal offense. One driver was charged with drunk driving and hit and run when his vehicle rammed into another car on Nanhua road in Bao’an [...]

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Boy Dies After Swallowing Acid

Boy died after drinking acid

A 2 year old boy was rushed to hospital but died on the way after he was forced to drink a strong acid by a woman. The boy, named Huang Hongbo was playing in Hebei Village in Futian District last Wednesday when a woman named Xiong, 29, approached him and forced him to swallow the acid [...]

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More than 2000 victims of “Get-rich-quick” scam

investment scam

Investors from all over the country have fallen victim to an investment scam in which they were defrauded of  millions of Yuan. Victims were convinced to invest their money in a Shenzhen investment company, the Shenzhen Tiantian Investment Development Co. Ltd., promising that their investment will double in 100 days. The owner of the company who [...]

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200 million Yuan worth of diamonds smuggled to Shenzhen

200 million yuan worth of diamond smuggled to Shenzhen

Shenzhen custom has put the value of 200 million Yuan  ( $ 30 million ) for the diamonds smuggled by a cross-border smuggling ring January last year, wherein 28 suspects are arrested including 22 Indians and 3 Hong Kong people. The custom department said that the said diamonds has to be charge of more than [...]

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The beginning of the end for Shenzhen former Mayor Xu Zongheng

The beginning of the end for Shenzhen former mayor Xu Zongheng

It’s the beginning of the end for former Shenzhen Mayor Xu Zongheng, as he stands trial in a local court in Central China facing countless charges of graft and corruption allegations.  During his term as a high-ranking official in Shenzhen, Xu was accused in a myriad of scandals and corruption related cases, thus being officially tagged [...]

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