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Motorists to Pay Fines Using Mobile Services

Motorists to pay fines using mobile services

Motorists involved in minor traffic accidents can now pay their fines through text messages. To do this motorists will need to register their personal information with their vehicles details at the Mobile Phone Comprehensive Platform at the Shenzhen traffic police website www.stc.gov.cn Drivers can also register through text messaging, users need to send their information [...]

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Google in Talks with State Bureau to Offer Online Mapping Services


The State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping said that China’s industry regulator will not be shutting down online mapping services provided by Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. this is the first time that the industry regulator has firmly denied any intentions to close down the online mapping services. This has banished concerns that Google is [...]

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Army Devises Online Game to Train Soldiers for Combat

Army devised online game to train soldiers for combat

The People’s Liberation Army has developed an online game that will help train soldiers to improve their combat skills and technological awareness. The game is called the Glorious Mission and has three playing modes. Players chooses from the three modes, basic training, single missions and team combat. Each mode starts the player off as a [...]

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City to Experience More Rain in the Next Few Days

City to experience more rain in the next few days

With food prices already being affected by the increased rain and resulting floods, residents will be experiencing heavy rains in the next three days brought on by two tropical storms Haima and Meari. Haima is the fourth tropical storm this year, making is landfall in Dianbai and Yangxi counties. Tropical storm Haima will bring in an [...]

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Shenzhen bio-tech companies leads in the Bio Industry Convention

Shenzhen bio-tech companies leads in the Bio Industry Convention

Bio companies and research institutes in Shenzhen were the highlight during the 2011 China Bio Industry Convention. The companies were offering various variety of technology. Beijing Ge-nomics Institute a Shenzhen based company participated in the convention by displaying two transgenic pigs. The mini pigs only weigh a third of the weight of a normal pig. [...]

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Thermal technology used for cooling system

Thermal technology used for cooling system

The use of ice thermal storage technology in central air conditioning systems was suggested to make efficient use of energy. The cooling systems can be turn on at night and at off peak hours to store electricity that will be used later during the daytime. Shenzhen Federation of Energy Experts said that the system can [...]

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Shenzhen Ecommerce Meetup #5 – Mobile Marketing


The Shenzhen Internet Marketing Group is organizing a meetup on Saturday afternoon, June 18, from 1pm to 6pm. Cost – its FREE!  The room is provided by the King Dee company and all  speakers are volunteers. Directions: (Chinese)深圳市高新技术产业园南区科技南十二路2号金蝶软件园A座VIP1会议室 (English)VIP1 Meeting Room Block-A Kingdee Software Park, 2 Keji 12th Road South, High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan The [...]

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Total Lunar Eclipse to be Seen from Shenzhen

total lunar eclipse china

A total lunar eclipse will be visible from Shenzhen if the skies above the city remain clear. Though late into the evening spectators should be able to catch the moon in full eclipse for a total of 41 minutes, the longest since the last eclipse was spotted in the year 2000. According to the Scientific Officer of [...]

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National Energy Administration Already Achieved 2015 Solar Power Target for

National Energy Administration reached solar energy target for 2015

According to the National Energy Administration, China has already doubled their solar energy target for 2015.  Following the announcement, the government will be expecting a 20 percent drop in price for domestic solar power in the next five years. China is one of the world’s biggest consumers of energy and the country has been relying [...]

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Skype + Microsoft – For Better or For Worse?

Microsoft Buys Skype

Despite admitting to monitoring calls and posting conversation on public servers, Skype has continued to grow strong in China, with millions of users daily, many of the foreigners in Shenzhen, they even survived the famous telecom crackdown in 2010. Now with Microsoft’s $8.5 billion proposal, many people are wondering, “What’s Next?” According to their own [...]

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