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Motorists to Pay Fines Using Mobile Services

Motorists to pay fines using mobile services

Motorists involved in minor traffic accidents can now pay their fines through text messages. To do this motorists will need to register their personal information with their vehicles details at the Mobile Phone Comprehensive Platform at the Shenzhen traffic police website www.stc.gov.cn Drivers can also register through text messaging, users need to send their information [...]

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Army Devises Online Game to Train Soldiers for Combat

Army devised online game to train soldiers for combat

The People’s Liberation Army has developed an online game that will help train soldiers to improve their combat skills and technological awareness. The game is called the Glorious Mission and has three playing modes. Players chooses from the three modes, basic training, single missions and team combat. Each mode starts the player off as a [...]

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More People Using Mobile Phones with Prices Dropping

More People using mobile phones since prices dropped

By the end of April China will have 900 million mobile phone users, nearly two-thirds of the world’s most populous nations that are using cellular phones. China’s mobile phone users grew by 41 million in the first quarter of 2011, this brought the total number of users to 900.39 million according to the Ministry of [...]

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Mobile phones users gets mixed signals

Mobile phones users gets mixed signals

Shenzhen residents mobile phones have been receiving signals from Hong Kong phone companies and many of them are being charged for roaming services. Most of phones that catches the signals are the ones used near border areas such as Houhai and Futian Free Trade Zone. Some of the residents are getting the signal even in [...]

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iPad got weak response from Apple enthusiasts

iPad got weak response fron Apple enthusiasts

Apple iPad received a weak response in Shenzhen after it was officially went on sale in the mainland. Although official prices of the iPad is lower than those sold by unauthorized dealers. 30 iPads are sold per day by the city’s 11 authorized dealers and resellers. enthusiasts The response was a great contrast from the [...]

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Apple iPhone 4 debut in China

Apple iPhone 4 debut in China

The iPhone 4 will make its debut in China just a week after Apple officially launched the iPad hand held computer in the country. Starting September 25 Apple Inc. will sell their new iPhone 4 handset in China in its stores and through partner China Unicom, despite having a growing competition from other smart phones. [...]

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Best Deal on a TV in Shenzhen


About 3 years ago I managed to get what I thought was a great deal on my first LCD TV in Shenzhen. There was a cafe closing down in Coco Park and I managed to score a 42 inch for 2000rmb. Well nearly 3 years later I decided it was a good time to upgrade, [...]

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White Horse Laboratories: Week 28 Quality Report

White Horse Laboratories: Week 28 Quality Report

In Week 28, White Horse facilitated USD380,944.67 in successful transactions! General quality level was improved in Week 28, as is reflected in the value of product that was approved for shipping. Be on the lookout for the following high risk devices: Xilinx XC3020-70PC841, 56% failure- bad protection diodes (used/overvoltage damage). Vishay SI6865BDV-TI-E3, 30% failure- high [...]

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Apple iPhone 4 Released in Hong Kong July 30


Apple launched the iPhone 4 in Hong Kong and as far as a contract-free purchase goes, Hong Kong is the cheapest in the world!  In order to compare the prices of the iPhone 4 in different countries, the price has been converted to euros in the chart below. The following carriers will offer subsidized pricing [...]

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Motorola sues Shenzhen based telecom maker

Motorola sues Shenzhen based telecom maker

Motorola is planning to sue Huawei saying that the company have been secretly working to several Motorola employees about obtaining company secrets about its technology and equipments. Shenzhen based Huawei is securing a major deal in the U.S. and its ready to defend against the allegations made. Huawei said they have great respect to property [...]

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