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Chinese internet users now the world’s largest

Chinese internet users now the world's largest

The online population in China is now the largest in the world at 485 million users, a 6 percent increase since the end of 2010. In a recent survey by China Internet Network Information Center reported that there were 27.7 million users since December of last year. This only shows that almost a third of [...]

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Google in Talks with State Bureau to Offer Online Mapping Services


The State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping said that China’s industry regulator will not be shutting down online mapping services provided by Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. this is the first time that the industry regulator has firmly denied any intentions to close down the online mapping services. This has banished concerns that Google is [...]

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Shenzhen Ecommerce Meetup #5 – Mobile Marketing


The Shenzhen Internet Marketing Group is organizing a meetup on Saturday afternoon, June 18, from 1pm to 6pm. Cost – its FREE!  The room is provided by the King Dee company and all  speakers are volunteers. Directions: (Chinese)深圳市高新技术产业园南区科技南十二路2号金蝶软件园A座VIP1会议室 (English)VIP1 Meeting Room Block-A Kingdee Software Park, 2 Keji 12th Road South, High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan The [...]

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Skype + Microsoft – For Better or For Worse?

Microsoft Buys Skype

Despite admitting to monitoring calls and posting conversation on public servers, Skype has continued to grow strong in China, with millions of users daily, many of the foreigners in Shenzhen, they even survived the famous telecom crackdown in 2010. Now with Microsoft’s $8.5 billion proposal, many people are wondering, “What’s Next?” According to their own [...]

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Top Search Engine to Offer Free Music Downloads

Top search engine to offer free music download

Baidu, China’s largest search engine, is now offering free music downloads. This is part of Baidu’s plan to steer away from the image of a provider of pirated content. Baidu will be launching the program later this month, but no details on the service have been given out yet. The company has long been criticized for providing [...]

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Chinese Internet Marketing Meetup this Saturday

Social Internet Consultant

The Shenzhen Internet Marketing Group is organizing a meetup on Saturday afternoon, May 14, in the afternoon from 1pm to approx 5 or 6pm. 1) cost – its FREE. the room is given to us for sponsored from King Dee company, and speakers are doing it as volunteers. There are also free refreshments afterwards sponsored [...]

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Call Your Mom!

mothers day in shenzhen

If you’re like your author and your mother happens to live on the West Coast of North America, then you’ve waited until now to call her to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.  Good for you, you’ve remembered so half the battle is over, now there’s just calling her without using up your cell phone’s credit in under [...]

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Agency to Manage Internet Information

Agency to manage internet information

The Chinese government has established an office that will manage internet information. The department will be known as the State Internet Information Office. The office is assigned to do any directing, coordination and will supervise online content management. The department will also handle all administrative approval of all business related to new online reporting. Wang Chen the [...]

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TP-LINK Taking Over Wireless Industry, One Router at a Time

TP-LINK Manufacturing Campus Phase 1

In a market that is increasingly becoming commoditized, TP-LINK has been gaining ground on incumbent SOHO networking providers. According to a recent report by American research firm, In-Stat, based on shipment data from the fourth quarter of 2010, TP-LINK now leads the World in wireless and broadband CPE device shipments, after only 5 years on the [...]

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Tencent company offers 1 billion Yuan in interest-free mortgages for their employees

Tencent company

Tencent, the largest Internet company in China will offer 1 billion yuan (US$154 million) of interest-free mortgages for their employees. Pony Ma, CEO and founder of Tencent company said that they will set aside 1 billion yuan in three years as a company housing fund which will offer  interest-free mortgages for first home purchases of their [...]

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