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Commission Announces Renaming of Shenhui Road

Commission Announced Renaming of Shenhui Road

The municipal urban planning, land and resources commission recently announced the Longgang section of Shenhui Road will be renamed Longgang Boulevard. The section of the road is part of the No. 205 State Highway which extends 36 kilometers and used as a link between Huizhou and Shenzhen. Longgang police are now organizing the changing of [...]

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New bilingual road signs erected

New bilingual road signs erected

More and newer bilingual traffic directions signs were erected by the Shenzhen transport commission are found in major city roads and roads at the Universiade venues and hotels as well. The signs were based on the Chinese English Dictionary of Public Signs that was compiled by the Foreign Affairs Office. This news sign came after [...]

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Weekend Diversion – Guangzhou

Weekend Diversion – Guangzhou

Unlike Shenzhen, which is a totally new planned city which sprang up from nowhere, Guangzhou is mysterious and complex. It is the heart and soul of the Cantonese culture and has many fascinating sites if you are willing to spend the time to explore. My first impressions of the city weren’t promising. It seemed enormous, [...]

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Shenzhen Metro Map


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